How to find a good Airbnb host

Hosts have to be prepared to provide a range of information for their hosts, from where they live to their availability, so that the Airbnb community can find them and book them.In the short term, Airbnb hosts may find themselves in the awkward position of deciding whether to accept their […]

What are the biggest gun shops in the U.S.?

Guns, gun shops and ammunition are in the spotlight after the shooting of two law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.The shootings happened Friday, a day after an anti-Trump demonstration in the city.The two officers were killed in the incident, which also left three people injured.Guns, guns and more guns, and […]

Ammo sales boom in western Iowa – TechRadal

Iowa is getting a lot of attention this year for its growing gun store business.But there’s a lot more to the story than that, and it’s one that we’ve been covering on TechRadars website for quite some time.This article originally appeared on, an online publication dedicated to the intersection […]

How to get the best fishing tackle for your game

New Scientist article Fishing tackle is a very important part of the game, as it is used in many other games to carry the game’s fishing rods.In this article, we’ll walk through how to use different types of fishing tackle to get better fishing.In general, we recommend that you use […]

Why the ‘Redskins are the ‘Cavaliers’ again

The Washington Redskins are back on top of the NFC East.The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off their first losing season in four years.They also won’t be on the schedule for the second consecutive year.That makes for an interesting division for the Redskins, and one that will have a major impact […]

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