‘Crazy, Crazy’ Cherokee man says ‘they had to kill him’

A South Dakota man says he was arrested and jailed for “dangerous and violent” behavior after he reportedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

According to KUOW, 32-year-old Scott Daugherty said he was “trying to be a good citizen” in the area of Custer County, South Dakota.

According of the report by the South Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Daugithers was “involved in a dispute with his girlfriend over the phone.”

Daugherty allegedly said he “had to kill her.”

He was taken into custody and booked into jail.

After a brief detention, he was released and booked again for violating conditions of his release.

Daugither was booked into the Custer jail.

The jail is not open at this time.

The Custer sheriff’s office said in a statement that it was aware of the incident, but would not comment further.

Daughherty was released on bond and has not been arrested since.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections said Daugher is a former inmate who was released in 2014.

The sheriff’s department said Daughherty has been suspended from the county jail.