Gun Shop Targeted In Iowa For Selling Gun Supplies

Gun shops are targeting Iowa for selling guns, according to Crypto Coins.

Gun shops in the northwest Iowa community of Cedar Rapids have started to target local residents to collect taxes, according the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Residents are also getting a tax write-off from the stores, as the local gun store is owned by a church, said the paper.

The tax write off is meant to help the community, but also to help businesses, the paper reported.

Cedar Rapids resident Mark Anderson, who runs an online gun store, has been getting threats from people wanting to sell guns and that he has had to put the store out of business, the Gazette reported.

Gun shop owners are being asked to turn over their business to police, but that doesn’t mean gun owners are getting any sympathy.

One of the gun shop owners told the paper that he is not trying to profit from this, but to get the community together and get it on track, according a story from the Gazette.

“I just feel like people have been so violent and it’s just a terrible situation, and we’re just trying to help,” he told the newspaper.

He said he is hoping to sell more guns because the community has been so supportive.

“We’re trying to get people to stop and think about what we’re doing.

I know it’s hard for people to think that they have to go to the gun store to make a purchase,” he said.

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