How to become a hunter and get a licence

I was just back from a hunt and my wife said, “How are you going to get a hunting licence?”

I said, I’m a farmer and I’ve been farming my whole life.

We’ve had five children, I’ve done my bit, but it was just the idea of getting into hunting.

It’s not as easy as you think.

There’s a lot of requirements.

We have to pass a test, we have to have an extensive background check, we’ve got to meet certain criteria and we’ve had to have the approval of the local council.

And then there’s the money.

When I was working on the ABC’s Four Corners program, I interviewed one of the people who runs a family farm in Victoria.

It was the last time I was here and he said he had spent about $500,000 just on a couple of hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment.

That’s not a lot, but that’s the amount of money that you can spend to get yourself on the map.

So, for me it was a big deal.

I have to tell you, when I got on the program, the only thing I had to do was say, “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.”

When I went to the farmers market, I walked up to them and asked them what their names were and I said “Can I get your permission to hunt?”

They looked at me, they were shocked.

They were like, “What the hell are you talking about?”

I went up to my mother and said, this is my son.

She was like, Oh my God.

I just said, Oh, no, you have to get your own licence.

I had no idea what I was talking about.

They’re really scared now, I said.

I was there when a young man in NSW, a young farmer, said he’d been approached by a hunting club and he had to get his own licence because his brother had been killed.

There was no time for me to be an expert on this topic.

I couldn’t say anything.

It would have been a bit of a waste of my time.

But I was in a position to make a difference and I did.

A little bit of background: A lot of the laws and regulations are in place because of the hunting ban.

In NSW, if you’re a farmer, you are required to have a licence to hunt.

But there is no specific exemption for hunting.

Farmers who hunt don’t get any protection.

In Queensland, if they’re hunting on a day when it’s too cold to hunt, they have to use a snowmobile and they can’t use the water from their own well or from the water tank.

They can’t put any equipment into the water.

But the same rules apply in Victoria and New South Wales.

In New South Australia, a lot more restrictions apply than in Queensland.

There are also restrictions on where people can hunt.

You can’t hunt at night.

There is no curfew, no hunting day or any time when you have an obligation to leave your house and not come back until midnight.

So it’s a little bit restrictive.

There were a lot fewer restrictions in NSW.

I went into my own farm, GunSmith, and I didn’t want to get my licence.

In my own backyard, I had the idea to get the licence and I thought, “Oh, I could use it to kill deer,” but I thought that wouldn’t be right.

I didn´t think it would be right to get in the water at night, to be a hunter, and to be able to go into my backyard and shoot at the deer.

So I said to myself, I’ll have to put my own equipment into my well and I can shoot from there.

I thought if I could do that, then I could go hunting on my own.

I took out a licence from a person in Victoria who was a hunter who had been a hunter for about 40 years.

And he got a licence and it was his first licence.

That was the first time I went out and shot at deer.

And I’ve had three more licences.

I’ve never killed any deer, but I’ve shot over 150,000 animals in my life.

I do hunt on my property in Victoria where there is very little, but there are a lot who are not hunters.

There used to be two different regulations for hunting in Victoria, and then they got a lot tougher.

So there’s a bit more freedom to be yourself in that state, but when you go out to hunt you have no legal protection.

“It’s all about the hunting,” he said.

“It’s the bush.

It has a lot to do with the laws.

The laws in Australia are there to protect our species.

I know that it’s easier to get on the radar of a company, because it’s more difficult to get it in the ground.

But when you do it