How to buy ammo at Target for $15 a pop – NBC News

This is a new trend, where you can get a new round of ammo at a Walmart or Target for a very reasonable price.

The latest round of Ammo from Walmart is the TARGET BRAND 1G.

Walmart says the 1G is the “world’s most affordable” round.

The round costs $15.99 and comes in a black case, which is pretty standard for this round.

If you need the round in a different color, Walmart offers three different color options for you to choose from.

It also comes in two sizes: 12 gauge and 16 gauge.

If Walmart doesn’t have a specific color in stock, you can also pick up the 12 gauge round at and

This is not the first time Walmart has made this a trend.

They have made it a habit in the past, but this time they are targeting Target stores.

This is the first round of the new Ammo from Target brand and they will be available for purchase on July 16.