How to get a new rifle for the Australian archery scene

Archers have been asking for a new AR-15 for decades, and the Australian Rifle Association has finally been given the chance to deliver.

Arranges in Melbourne and Perth will soon be able to sell their surplus guns.

A spokesman for the ARA said the group was “delighted” to see the decision, and it was a “huge step forward”.

“We’re delighted to see a decision to expand the supply of AR-1 rifles, especially as we know it is such a popular product with Australians,” he said.

“Arranges and individuals are already using AR-2 rifles for target shooting, but now they will have a choice to use a more popular and affordable rifle to help them achieve their target shooting goals.”

The AR-5 was developed for target shooters, the AR-9 is for law enforcement, and even the ARX-160 is being used by some hunters for target and field shooting.

“The ARCA has previously held talks with manufacturers about offering a new version of the rifle for sale to the Australian market.

But there are still some hurdles to overcome before it can be sold to the public.

The ARMA has been looking at the supply chain to find a way to supply the new rifles, but Mr Dutton said the ARCA had not yet come up with any plans for how they would sell them to Australian consumers.”

I don’t think we’ve had any discussions about it at all, I don’t even think we are aware of it,” he told ABC radio.”

It would be great if it could be done, but I think there’s some work to do.

“Arriving on the Australian public’s doorstepA new version or an update of the AR15 is currently being developed, but there are a number of hurdles to clear before it could hit the public’s doorsteps.

Archery ranges are not set up to sell surplus rifles.

Australia’s Government is still in the process of setting up a new firearms licensing body, and Mr Ducey said he hoped that would happen within the next few weeks.”

There are a lot of reasons why we need to do that, but the biggest reason is we’ve got an ageing population and a lot more people than ever before,” he explained.”

So, it’s a massive challenge.

“Mr Duceys proposal is likely to have the backing of the NSW Government.”

My understanding is that if the ARMA were to do something like that, it would need to pass legislation,” Mr Duchess said.

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