How to get a shotgun, a bow, and an AR-15 at a flea market

Guns, Reels, Cherokee, Iowa, Camping, Rifles The flea markets are popping up all over the place these days, but this year they’re popping up in the heart of downtown Iowa. 

The event, hosted by a local gun store called Firestone, offers the perfect way to buy the guns you want. 

The fleas, of course, are on the hunt for them.

 They’re searching for them in a small, windowless space on the first floor of the store. 

Firestone sells a variety of firearms, including AR-type rifles, shotguns, and more. 

But, of note, the most popular item for sale this year is a “Shotgun” – an AR variant of the popular Smith & Hart 1911.

A “Shotlocker” is an AR that doesn’t feature a magazine or a trigger.

Firestone also sells some AR-style rifles, but they’re usually very expensive. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “I’m going to buy a handgun for my kids, right?” 

I’d agree. 

I’m thinking about buying a handgun. 

For me, this is a very important purchase, and I’m very excited to get it. 

“It’s a great way to bring a handgun to the flea population,” said Firestone owner Jim Smith.

“The firearms are in high demand. 

We’re trying to get them into people’s homes, and it’s really a great experience for them.” 

Firestones owner Jim and Firestone’s chief marketing officer, Tom O’Hare, were both in the fleas’ crosshairs at the event. 

They were the first to notice that the event had a lot of guns. 

When I first visited Firestone last week, they were selling everything from shotguns to AR-10s. 

It was obvious that the flease had a very big appetite for the guns, especially the AR-Type rifles. 

This year, however, it’s the AR rifles that are the big draw. 

There were about six or seven rifles sold, and the majority of them were sold out within five minutes of being placed on sale. 

You might expect that the gun shows at flea farms would be less popular, but that’s not the case. 

Many of the guns that are sold out are well-known sellers. 

Jim Smith’s AR-16 rifle, for example, has been on Firestone sale for years, and he was one of the first people to sell it at the fleaa event.

“I had been wanting to get my AR-18 out to see what it’s like, and now I’m able to do that,” Smith told me. 

Another guy at the store, Ryan Gentry, said he got a couple of AR-Models for sale.

“I was a bit hesitant because I wanted to keep my ARs locked up in a drawer,” he said. 

Gentry said that he was the first person to put them on sale, and that’s what drew the attention of Firestone.

“We’ve had to call the store multiple times, but no one was willing to sell them to us,” he told me, adding that they’re now trying to reach out to the owners of other guns to see if they might be interested. 

He also said that the AR’s price tag on the Gun Shows website is much more affordable than it might be on a fleas farm.

“The AR-17 is probably $1,000, so I think it’s worth about $100 to $200,” he explained.

“It’s very well made, and if you can get one of those to sell, I think that’s a bargain.” 

The sales staff is looking to increase their stock of AR guns, which they have about a month to do. 

And while they don’t have the ARs that they normally sell at the show, they do have some new AR-Types. 

“[The AR rifles] have been sitting in our inventory for a long time, and there’s a lot going on in the world right now,” Firestone store manager Mike Stacey told me at the time. 

In addition to selling AR-like rifles, Firestone also has some guns that have been in their inventory for several years, including a few pistols. 

One of those pistols, an AR15, was sold by a customer for $2,400 at the Gun Show. 

Stacey said that a lot more of the AR gun inventory is sold than was in the inventory of the last show, and they’re trying their best to get the AR guns into the hands of people who are looking to buy guns.

Firestone owner Tom O’maire said that most of the firearms sold this year are AR-modeled