How to make a tent for Rs 1.5 crore: What you need to know

How much you can afford to spend for a camping tent?

A few hundred rupees will get you a tent that’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but you’ll need to keep it clean.

The best tents are made from bamboo and polypropylene, but the price tag varies between vendors.

The key to a good camping tent is the fabric, said Prashant Bhaskar, a senior consultant at ICLR.

The cheaper tents are designed to stay dry, while the more expensive ones are designed for comfort.

The fabric can be of a different thickness, so the tents can be made from various materials, and you can tailor them to your needs.

The most important is that the tent stays dry.

In the event of rain, you can pull out the tent, and it will be completely dry.

A tent made from nylon will keep you dry, but it will also keep your feet warm.

The downside is that nylon tents have a tendency to absorb moisture.

The more moisture in your tent, the harder it is to dry it.

You can get a good tent that keeps your feet cool by covering it with a raincoat.

If you need a tent to stay warm in the winter, you should consider polypropane tents, which can be bought at a variety of shops in different cities.

But the best option is a polyethylene tent, said ICLRC chief executive officer Shree Parikh.

It has a good thermal conductivity and is not affected by rain, he said.

A polyethylane tent will keep your legs cool, but if it gets wet, you will get the dreaded foot smell.

If it gets warm in summer, you’ll be glad to know that a polypropene tent will also allow you to keep your clothes dry.

You should also consider the quality of the fabric.

A good tent fabric should be strong, breathable and have a good seal.

If there are holes in it, the tent will have a hole in it.

Also, a polyester tent should have a waterproof lining, Parikh said.