India’s Gunsmithing company ‘caught’ with illegal weapons

A company allegedly running an illegal firearms manufacturing business in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been caught with weapons and ammunition, police said.

Gunsmithing is an industry in which manufacturers manufacture guns from metal and are then sold to other firms to make ammunition.

The Tamil Nadu government has launched an inquiry into the business, said an official in the state police, who asked not to be named as the matter is private.

The official said the state has registered the company as an arms trader and has lodged a criminal complaint.

The company, which is based in Nagpur, has allegedly exported guns, ammunition and other weapons to other Indian states.

Gunsmiths sell guns to other manufacturers and to private parties.

The state government has been in touch with the company and is also investigating whether there are any cases of illegal arms trade in the area.

The government says it has started monitoring the situation.