More ammo for hunters, deer hunters, rifle enthusiasts

More ammo, guns, rifles and hunting accessories are going on sale to help hunters and deer hunters get their shooting fix.

The Montana Department of Wildlife and Parks said it is introducing several products in a bid to provide hunters with more of the ammo they need to shoot big game.

The items include a deer hunting rifle, hunting rifle suppressor, deer rifle silencer and deer hunting silencer.

“These are the types of products that are meant to provide shooters the tools and skills they need for hunting, not only big game, but other species, such as deer,” said Bob DeSantis, a Montana wildlife biologist.

The new products are available for sale at the Montana Wildlife Marksmen’s Club, the Montana Department for Natural Resources and the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park Service.

DeSantis said hunting rifles are the most popular item.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in deer hunting rifles over the past five years.

So this is an opportunity for hunters to get a rifle that they can take on the hunt without having to bring an expensive suppressor,” he said.

He said hunters can use the products to help with their hunting skills, but also to give the rifle a little extra to help the animal.

“It will make a big difference,” DeSantsis said.

A rifle silator is also being introduced to the market.

De Santis said he has seen some deer hunters using the silencer to block out the sound of other deer.

“You know, deer have such a strong smell when they’re hunting, so silencing them is important,” he explained.

De Souza said he would love to see more hunters using hunting rifles as a deer suppressor.

“I think it’s awesome,” he added.