Gun shop owner to reopen in NW, new owner says

The former owner of a North Des Moines gun shop has announced he’s open for business, the latest in a string of gun shop closures. The shop owner, Steve O’Leary, is the first of three people who said they will reopen after their business was shut down by police in October.O’Reilly […]

A-10s hit target with an air-to-air missile

“The A-100s have been flying for 40 years and we’ve been flying the A-110 for 20 years.We know how to use them,” said Capt. James Miller, the squadron commander of the 9th Special Operations Aviation Brigade, based at Fort Hood, Texas.“We know what they can do.”The A-109 is a fast, […]

How to hunt for targets and target reels

When you buy an AR-15 rifle or shotgun you buy a piece of equipment with a purpose.That’s what it means to hunt, and it’s what you need to know to find your target.Here are some things you need know to know about shooting targets and reels.Target and reel range The […]

How to shoot an AR-15 rifle

In the years since the original AR-5 was created in 1964, the weapon has undergone a revolution in design and technology.This article looks at some of the innovations that made this popular rifle so popular.It’s also a great resource for shooting and learning more about the AR-type rifle, the “assault […]

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