AR15 Rifle Reviewed in Iowa

We are currently reading more than 2,500 comments on Hacker News about the new AR15 rifle from Armatix.In our opinion, this rifle has the potential to be a very successful product.The rifle is a bit different than most AR15s out there.While the AR15 uses a standard magazine capacity of 5 […]

How to buy your next AR-15 for under $1,000

The AR-type rifles were first popularized in the 1960s, with a military version of the rifle becoming popular in the 1970s.Today, the U.S. is home to more than 30,000 licensed gun stores, which sell firearms and ammunition at prices ranging from $500 to $2,500.The market is not only in flux, […]

How to get the best Gun Shoppe in Iowa

Gun stores in Iowa are increasingly looking to the new crop of firearms retailers as a way to expand their sales and profits, and gun stores are seeing an influx of new clients, including law enforcement agencies.Gun stores in the state are being forced to compete with online gun sellers, […]

How to buy a gun at a gun store in Iowa

Iowa’s gun stores are struggling to compete with the surging demand for guns.The state’s gun sales have been steadily declining since the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.“You’re seeing a very large increase in demand from people who are looking to purchase firearms,” said Joe Wertz, director of the […]

Gun Shop Targeted In Iowa For Selling Gun Supplies

Gun shops are targeting Iowa for selling guns, according to Crypto Coins.Gun shops in the northwest Iowa community of Cedar Rapids have started to target local residents to collect taxes, according the Cedar Rapids Gazette.Residents are also getting a tax write-off from the stores, as the local gun store is […]

How to keep guns away from mentally ill people

The NRA has said it will be “more proactive” in targeting people who use guns for self-defense.The group said it is working with law enforcement to monitor people who have mental health issues and take appropriate action, including licensing and registration.The NRA also said it would be increasing training for […]

When is a gun shop not a gun store?

Gun shops are still in the process of establishing a legal presence in Iowa, but the question still remains how many.The Iowa Attorney General’s office has estimated that there are fewer than 200 gun shops in the state, but that number is disputed by other sources.A bill that would allow […]

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