‘Terrifying’ video shows ‘wild animal’ attacking man at campsite

Posted November 29, 2018 06:09:54A terrifying footage of a wild animal attacking a man while camping has gone viral.

The video was recorded in Bali, Indonesia, on December 4, 2017, by an American tourist, who was camping on a beach at the beach resort of Bali.

The tourist filmed the attack in front of him.

“We saw a male, very thin, he was wearing a long t-shirt and a blue jacket,” he told the local newspaper, Ilgan Sports.

“We couldn’t see his face.

He was attacking us, throwing things at us.

We started screaming and we ran away.”

He said the attacker ran off and did not get the message.

“When we found him, he said: ‘This is what we are doing, they have caught a wild cat’.”

The tourist was able to contact authorities, and an officer arrived on the scene to help the man and his family.

“He asked the man: ‘Why are you going out camping, you’re naked?’

The man said: “Because it’s cold in Bikini.””

When the officer got on the beach, he saw this animal with its head in a tree, and he said, ‘Is this a wildcat?’

It turned out it was a black cat, it was about 12cm long.””

It’s a wild and dangerous animal.

It can be dangerous, it can be a threat.

I wouldn’t go out camping naked in the wild.

“A wildlife park is investigating the attack.