‘The Defenders’ Season 3 spoilers, plus ‘Hunting’ and ‘Guns’ episodes to air on Netflix next year

In the wake of Season 3 of the Netflix original drama The Defenders, Netflix has released Season 4 spoilers for some of the show’s most important episodes.

Here’s a list of the episodes that will air in Netflix’s streaming service next year: “The Last Stand” “The Fall” “Last Stand” (Season 2) “A New Day” “A Gathering” “Darker Days” “Dead Man’s Hands” “Hang the Hand” “In the Hand of the Devil” “Old Ways” “Black Widow” “Iron Fist” “Pilot” “First Shot” “New Man” “Secret Six” “Shade” “Storm” “Savior” “Thunderbolt” “Vengeance” “Wrath” “Throne” “Tales of the City” “Curse of the Black Hand” Season 4 “Bloodlines” “Days of the Dead” “Mourning” “Wings of the Queen” “Blood and Bone” “Rise of the Shadow” “Legacy of Sin” “Unbroken” “Shadowhunters” “Second Chance” “All-Star War” “House of Cards” “Bombshells” “Daredevil” “Luke Cage” “Jessica Jones” “Heroes Reborn” “Marvel’s Luke Cage” and “Gotham” are the most recent of the series to leak, along with “A Defenders of the Earth” and a “Legends of Tomorrow” episode.

The series also has a special “Alliance of Free Will” crossover.

Season 3 also has the “Legend of Zod” episode and the “Witches” episode, both of which aired before the series finale.