What is the most common weapon for handguns in the US?

We wanted to know how guns were being used in Iowa and across the country.

But what was the most commonly used handgun?

How many guns are used in the United States every day?

And, what’s the most popular firearm?

To find out, we turned to GunShops.com, a gun shop chain that lists every firearm sold by retailers across the U.S. and tracks sales across the entire country.

Our data also included the top 50 most popular handgun brands and models and a top 100 handgun models.

We analyzed the data by model and then compared the brands of each to the top 25 most popular guns in the country, based on the average sales per gun.

Our goal was to get a more accurate look at the prevalence of each firearm, rather than just comparing the top five most popular brands.

The results?

Guns are widely used across the board in the U; however, it’s the largest category by far.

And, the majority of the firearms are used for hunting, target shooting, and target training.

In fact, more than half of all firearms in the top 100 models are hunting guns, according to GunShop.com.