When a Cherokee farmer accidentally posted a video of himself in a Confederate flag shirt on Instagram, it turned into a viral hit

Posted October 27, 2018 06:10:06When a farmer in Cherokee, Iowa, accidentally posted the video of him in a shirt emblazoned with a Confederate emblem, he got the attention of millions of Instagram users and sparked outrage.

For years, the Cherokee Nation has been a hotbed of hate for people of different colors, religion and cultures.

For years, it has been an active source of hate and controversy for many people.

But this time, the farmer’s video got him arrested and his family threatened.

When he saw the video, the young man’s father and grandfather immediately took to social media to condemn the farmer.

They went so far as to say that the farmer had no business being in their town.

In a Facebook post, the family said that they were proud of their son, and that they wished he could have learned more about the history of the Confederate States of America.

But what started out as a misunderstanding quickly turned into the most viral video of all time, and now has been viewed nearly 10 million times.

After the video was shared on social media, the video started to spread like wildfire, with thousands of people sharing their opinions on it.

But in the end, the boy was able to get arrested.

His family is calling it a blessing, but many of the comments on social sites and forums were hateful and offensive.

One woman wrote that he was a traitor, another wrote that his family had been traitors to their own people, and another said that he should be hanged.

The Cherokee Nation said that the family is being vindicated and that the police are taking swift action against the suspect.