When Gun Shoppes in NW IA Close down

A medical store in southwest Iowa will close down on Friday, following the mass shooting at a gun store in California.

Kathleen L. Schulte, owner of Gun Shoots, said she has decided to close the business because of a rash of recent incidents.

She says the shooting in California has made her realize that her store is in trouble, even though she was not aware of any incidents at the store before.

Schulte says her store will still sell firearms, but will no longer be a firearm sales outlet.

Gun Shops sells handguns, rifles, shotguns, rifles and shotguns accessories, but not ammunition.

She told KTVI she hopes to continue to sell firearms in the future, but only after she learns how to safely store them.

She said she plans to keep a safe distance from customers, and that she plans on making sure they don’t come in with guns.

Schultz says she has been dealing with a rash in the past few weeks of complaints and thefts, and it has caused her to rethink the way she conducts business.

She has closed her store to make room for a new one, which is expected to open in the coming weeks.

Schultsons husband was also at the gun store, and she says that was the reason she closed her business.

Schulzons husband, Michael, is also a registered gun owner, but she said he is not allowed to buy any guns, and has a permit for only a single rifle.

She also said she does not plan on giving him a permit to purchase more guns in the near future.

Schutzons husband also was at the shooting site.

She is concerned that other people in the store are not taking precautions to make sure that their own guns are not in the wrong hands.

Schutzes husband is also in a mental health facility and will not be allowed to purchase firearms in Iowa.

Schuths husband is not the only person who has had an incident at Gun Shoot.

Two people were injured and another was killed in the shooting at the California store.

She hopes that the situation will not escalate any further, and hopes the shootings will be a reminder that guns can be dangerous.

Schuchts father also shot and killed his own son before he turned 18, and her husband is now in a state mental health program.