When is a gun shop not a gun store?

Gun shops are still in the process of establishing a legal presence in Iowa, but the question still remains how many.

The Iowa Attorney General’s office has estimated that there are fewer than 200 gun shops in the state, but that number is disputed by other sources.

A bill that would allow gun stores to operate in Iowa passed in the Iowa House on Tuesday, but only after a major procedural vote.

The bill passed by a voice vote, but not by the Senate, which will likely take up the bill on Wednesday.

The measure would allow businesses that sell firearms to operate at a “small-business” or “limited liability company” structure, which would allow them to avoid a number of state regulations.

However, the bill does not allow businesses to sell firearms within a 50-foot radius of their premises.

That loophole, known as the “castle doctrine,” could potentially allow a gun owner to use the law as a shield to get around the law.

Gun shop owners have voiced their opposition to the bill, which passed the House on Wednesday, and say it will lead to an increase in gun violence in Iowa.

Iowa’s gun shops are considered one of the most lucrative businesses in the country, and the state’s gun laws have not kept pace with the changing demographics of the country.

In the 1980s, Iowa was the only state in the U.S. with a “castle” law, which meant that owners could legally use their gun to protect themselves and their property from intruders.

A 1997 Iowa Supreme Court ruling clarified the law, allowing gun owners to protect their property against intruders by having an open, safe area in their home or business, or in a garage, but did not require them to store weapons there.

Gun shops that already had permits were allowed to maintain those permits while expanding to all of Iowa.

However to date, Iowa’s state legislature has failed to pass a gun control bill.

In 2017, Iowa became the eighth state in America to pass an “assault weapons” ban.

The law prohibits individuals who own a gun from purchasing or possessing a firearm that can fire more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Gun stores in Iowa are expected to be in the midst of opening shop in the coming weeks, as the Iowa Legislature looks to take up a second bill related to gun sales.

The second bill, known simply as the gun shop bill, will likely be called the “gun store bill” or the “Iowa gun store bill.”

Iowa’s Senate has also passed another gun bill that will likely become law in the near future.

The gun bill passed the Iowa Senate on Tuesday with a vote of 28-9, with three Democrats voting no.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will now vote on the gun bill and the Senate will then vote on whether or not to take the bill up for a vote.

In 2018, the Iowa legislature passed a law that would ban gun shows and similar events in the Statehouse, though the bill did not go into effect until January of 2019.

The new law allows Iowa gun owners who own an open carry permit to carry a firearm without a permit and has also given gun dealers and other gun retailers the ability to issue concealed carry permits to people without one.

The first bill that passed in Iowa was signed into law by former Gov.

Terry Branstad, who served from 2007 to 2009.

The House passed a bill in 2017 that would require all guns sold in Iowa to be licensed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture, but this bill has yet to make it to the Senate.

The two bills passed the Senate last year and the House last year, but were not adopted into law.

Iowa has had some notable gun tragedies in recent years, including the fatal shooting of five people in the city of Fort Worth, Texas in 2015.

In 2015, a man who allegedly had an illegal gun was charged with murder after he allegedly killed a woman who was in a car accident with a gun.