When your neighbor doesn’t love you, you have to fight for your rights

The Cherokee River in Iowa has long been a hotspot for hunters.

But this year, the river is a new target for an organized effort to take down a local farmer, and the efforts of a local business owner are leading to some unexpected consequences.

The farmers protest, called #Creekgate, is the latest in a series of anti-hunting efforts in Iowa that have garnered international attention and led to arrests.

But it has also taken a toll on a local family.

In October, a family of three from the village of St. Clair County, Iowa, was found dead in their backyard.

The bodies of their mother and four children were found with stab wounds.

Authorities have not confirmed any motive.

When the bodies were discovered, a local pastor called the sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff’s Office responded, and deputies took the family’s dogs and cats, including the two dogs that were euthanized.

The three dogs were also killed by a stray bullet, authorities said.

According to authorities, the sheriff responded to a call that a man had shot at his car, and that the shooter then ran into a nearby creek, where he was shot in the back.

The sheriff then returned to the scene, found the three dead bodies, and took them to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Authorities have not yet said whether the family was the intended target.

But the family members are being treated at a local hospital for gunshot wounds.

At least one local sheriff has spoken out against the protest.

The group Save Our Cherokees is currently holding a protest on Sunday, and their message is that farmers should be able to kill their livestock.

“Farmers don’t have a right to kill other farmers,” said Mike Gagnon, Save Our Chase.

“We don’t care if they have a gun, a knife, or a knife-wielding neighbor.”

Gagnon said the protest is being organized by a group of farmers who want to take away the rights of local farmers who are trying to protect their animals and their lands.

“It is important for people to understand that these people that are protesting are in opposition to the actions of a few, and are in support of farmers protecting their property and their livelihoods,” he said.

The protest is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. in the village square.