Why a gun ban is a bad idea

A Canadian court has struck down Canada’s handgun ban, arguing that the legislation does not go far enough in stopping the country’s gun violence.

The court ruled Friday that the government did not have a reasonable basis to ban handguns and that the ban infringed on Second Amendment rights.

The case was brought by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which said in a statement that the court ruling shows that the Conservatives were “unable to show that their measures are sufficiently narrowly tailored.”

The court ruling came on a day when a federal court struck down Ontario’s handgun licensing law as unconstitutional.

Ontario had a handgun licensing scheme, and the court found that it did not go too far in curbing the proliferation of handguns in the province.

The ruling in Ontario was not the only setback for the Conservative government in Canada’s gun-control debate.

A court in Quebec on Thursday struck down a ban on the sale of assault rifles, saying the legislation is unconstitutional.

Gun control advocates had called the Quebec court’s ruling a victory for gun control, as it found that the Quebec ban does not violate any constitutional rights.