‘Wildlife is a great place’: Family shares how they lost their beloved dog

In the weeks leading up to her death, Lauren was a very popular pet with her family.

She loved to snuggle up with family members and was a happy, affectionate dog.

Her favorite meal was spaghetti with a side of chicken and broccoli.

Her other favorite meal, according to her daughter, was fish.

Lauren had a very special way of communicating with her children.

She would bring a stuffed toy to the house, where it would float in the air with her and then she would hold it up to show them her cute face and tail.

Lauren loved to have fun and loved to get into a good mood.

In fact, she would often dance and have a lot of fun.

Lauren’s family also loved Lauren’s dogs.

Lauren was always very affectionate toward her two pit bulls.

Her son, Zach, and his wife, Emily, said their dog, Sassy, would be so excited when Lauren walked by that they could not wait to take her for a walk.

Lauren enjoyed to be out with family and friends, too.

Zach said he used to take Lauren to the lake or to the zoo with him when she was younger.

The family would often get to know her by asking her questions.

Zach, who said he was not a big fan of pets, was also saddened by the loss of Lauren.

He said he would often tell his family that he loved Lauren because she was always so fun to play with.

Zach also said that he felt like Lauren was the most caring dog he had ever met.

“She was always willing to help, she was so nice and sweet,” Zach said.

“It really hit me that she had so much heart and so much love for everyone and she was just so passionate about everything.”

Lauren’s husband, Zachary, also said he did not think that he was the best person to take care of his wife.

Zachary said that Lauren was very kind and she loved to be with her two dogs, Sissy and Lucky.

Zach even took her to the park and took pictures with them and other animals.

Zach’s sister, Tania, said she did not see much of Lauren, other than to see her outside of the house and sometimes take her out to dinner.

Tania said that when she met Lauren, she had a lot in common with her.

Tiana said she had met Lauren through a mutual friend and she shared a few things about their lives.

Lauren said she loved animals.

Tanias sister, Amy, said that she used to be very close with Lauren and she said that Tania used to have a soft spot for her.

She said that during the last few months, Tani as well as Amy had become very close friends and that they had always been very supportive of each other.

Amy said that there were times that she wished that she could go back to Lauren.

Amy also said she wished she could have a better relationship with Lauren.

“I just wish that I could have the opportunity to spend more time with her, and I just wish she would be better,” Amy said.

In April, Tanya, Lauren’s younger sister, and Zachary had a hard time adjusting to Lauren’s passing.

Amy, who was very close to her sister, said her brother was a little shy and awkward.

Tanya said that Zachary also had a difficult time accepting that he had lost his pet.

“He had a feeling that she was going to die and he just wanted to be able to be there to take it all in,” Tanya added.

Tany’s sister said that it was hard for her brother to accept that his family lost their pet.

Amy and Tanya also said they were struggling to cope with the loss.

“We are really struggling,” Tany said.


Tanda said that the loss was hard to deal with for her family because of all the emotions it brought up.


Amy’s sister Tania told CBS News that she would spend a lot time talking to her son about his passing.

Taniel said that his dad had to come home to the family and they would spend the night at his house.

Tawny said that her sister said she was devastated that her dad had died.

“They just kept telling me that it is something that you will never get over,” Tawnys sister said.

She also said her sister was sad that the family did not learn of the death until they were in the hospital.

“When she said it was something that she will never forget, she meant it,” Taniel’s sister Amy said of her brother.

“You are going to have to be strong for me because I don’t think that it will ever get over